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Yi-Hui, Wang


Yi-Hui, Wang


Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Vocation Development







Rm 712, General Studies Building

02-27712171 #5605




Craft material & design application, Modern craft industry research, Modern craft discussion, ceramics design and creation




PhD, College of the Arts, University of Sydney, Australia











・2015 The Research on Contemporary Taiwanese Ceramics Education. 6th Arctic Clay Symposium-2015: Posio, Finland

・2014 Exploring New Perspectives from the exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia. NCECA: National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts: Material World, USA.

・ 2012 Ruminating on the Meaning of Making - New Vision in Contemporary Taiwanese Ceramic. 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennial - 'Subversive Clay', Australia

・2011 New Herstory - Reflections on Contemporary

Research Student





Meng-Ching Chen

Research Subject: Contemporary Jewelry Studies

Year: 2018 to present


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