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Peggy Liu


Peggy Liu


Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Vocation Development







Rm 711, General Studies Building

02-27712171 #3091



Art, esthetics, Museology, Archaeology, French




Ph.D., Institute of Art and Archaeology, Paris-Sorbonne University, France










Peggy Liu Chiu Lan graduated from the faculty of archaeology, Paris Sorbonne University, and got her PhD in Art History from Paris Sorbonne University. She is currently the associate professor of the Department of Cultural Vocation Development at Taipei University of Technology. Her interest in fields are art history, traditional crafts and museology, and she had organized various research programs of paper, traditional crafts and plants. Currently, she is putting her effort into the studies and researches of various paper, the development and preservation of traditional crafts, and dedicates her time for the research of the paper culture.

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